Herbert Pobiner, R.Ph, P.D.Trustee

For over 40 years, Herbert Pobiner was a leader in the New York pharmaceutical and community health services industry, managing and owning several high volume independent community pharmacies and surgical supply companies including Newton Pharmacy, Newton Hospital & Surgical Supply Company, Timmermann Apothecary, and Glen Cove Pharmacy. He held the title of Pharmacist Mate in the U.S. Navy during the 2nd World War from 1944 to 1946, and later served as president of the Manhattan Pharmacist’s Association for over 10 years and as president of the New York Pharmacist’s Association. In addition to his health experience, Mr. Pobiner has held various board appointments including a position as member of New York City Mayor David Dinkins’ Small Business Advisory Board to the Inter-agency Taskforce for Economic Development and was national secretary of the Israel Cancer Research Fund. Mr. Pobiner earned his pharmacy degree from Fordham University College of Pharmacy, has a pharmacist license from New York State and is a certified fitter of Surgical Appliances.