What is the Allied Educational Foundation?

The Allied Educational Foundation (AEF) was founded in 1964 by labor leader George Barasch as an IRS Code 501(c)(3) charitable and educational foundation. AEF aims to empower Americans through education on topics such as civic responsibilities, understanding media bias, and health and welfare. The Foundation also advocates for legal reform by filing amicus briefs in state and federal courts in support of open government and the preservation of constitutional rights. By leveraging a series of strategic partnerships, AEF meets these objectives through its national Speakers Bureau, online lecture series, annual educational and health conferences, and legal advocacy.  The Foundation has presented at hundreds of high schools, colleges, and community organizations nationwide and its legal advocacy has resulted in a victory in over 150 cases.

Where is the Foundation located?

Allied Educational Foundation has an office in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and Tenafly, NJ. Any formal requests or communications with the Foundation should be sent to our Tenafly office at the address below:

Allied Educational Foundation
82 North Summit Street
Tenafly, NJ 07670

Who is George Barasch?

George Barasch was an American labor leader who organized over 11,000 union workers and 250 businesses. After spending 25 years fighting for the rights of workers to organize, Barasch saw the need for an independent organization that would continue to advance the rights of working Americans outside the labor arena. In particular, he believed that true progress could not occur unless individuals were (1) better educated on their rights and civic responsibilities as Americans, (2) had an ability to critically evaluate and obtain accurate information from the media, and (3) took ownership of their health to live longer, more active lives. Barasch also believed that in some cases legal action was necessary to protect American rights from unjust infringement. He founded the Allied Educational Foundation in 1964 to pursue this mission. For more information on Barasch’s history and life, you can read his biography on Wikipedia.

Does AEF offer support to other organizations or causes?

Yes, the Foundation Executive Committee reviews requests for contributions, support, donations, or partnerships every other month that are consistent with the mission of the organization. Formal requests should be sent by mail to our Tenafly, NJ office. Email is accepted, but must be accompanied by a signed letter in PDF or similar format. Email requests should include the subject “Contribution Request.” Letters can be mailed to the address below:

Allied Educational Foundation
82 North Summit Street
Tenafly, NJ 07670


What is the relationship between AEF and its partners?

The Foundation prides itself on finding cost-effective methods of effectively impacting the American public in a way consistent with its mission. To make this a reality, the Foundation has aligned itself with a number of organizations where we find overlap in ways that help us meet our objectives. As a result, we do not have the high cost of many charities or foundations which create and manage programs with a large staff and high overhead expenses. Our system enables us to have the greatest impact per dollar because we don’t re-invent the wheel, preferring to leverage the resources that are already made available. It is important to remember that although we partner with these organizations on specific initiatives (such as filing a legal brief in a specific case), this should not imply that the Foundation agrees with the views expressed by our partners in other areas. Instead, these are limited strategic relationships that allow us to better fulfill the vision of the Founder and pursue our educational, wellness, and legal advocacy goals.

Can I invite the Foundation to speak at my school or organization?

Foundation “ambassadors” travel around the country speaking at high schools, colleges, and community organizations on a variety of topics including media bias, civic responsibilities, and other areas of interest consistent with our mission. If you are interested in having us come to your location, please make a formal written request and send it by mail to our Tenafly, NJ location or by email to in**@Al******.org.