Our mission at the Allied Educational Foundation is to empower Americans through education and legal action. We conduct and sponsor nationwide seminars and online courses on the topics of civil liberties, healthcare, transparency of government, and media bias. Additionally, AEF founder George Barasch believed that it was not enough to educate people on their rights as citizens without acting to protect those same rights. As such, the Foundation joins cases in state and federal courts arguing on behalf of the rights, values and freedoms of American citizens as they relate to class actions, international law, election integrity, government oversight, national security, illegal immigrationjudicial reform, healthcare, and race-based discrimination

We seek to fulfill our mission in the following ways:

Providing educational sessions locally, nationally and internationally to high school and college students, as well as adult community groups on how to understand and critically evaluate information from the news media.

Delivering online courses to educate Americans on civil liberties, economics, education reform, judicial reform, and justice reform. 

Hosting a yearly Health & Welfare Conference.

Providing funds and support, directly or in association with other similar or substantially similar organizations, for education, study, research in areas of medicine, science, culture, social welfare, industry, labor, economics, art, music, history, and archaeology.

Publishing books, newsletters, articles and other resources.

Pursuing litigation in United States courts to protect the freedom, liberty and rights as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States.