Can I fundraise for the Foundation?

Certainly, and we hope you will! The Foundation has formed a relationship with Crowdrise, a group fundraising site used by charities such as the Red Cross and UNICEF. We’ve made the signup process quick and easy to get you started on your fundraising activities. Just click here to start your own fundraiser. First, enter some information and create an account or log in with Facebook and you’re on your way. For more information, visit our Fundraising page.


How are my donations used?

Funds from donors will be allotted to one or more of our education, health and welfare, or legal advocacy programs or to support the general operations of the Foundation. Requests can be made in the donation form that provided funds be applied to a specific program or initiative. Although the Foundation does its best to honor these requests, differences in program schedules, timing and need may lead to funds being used to support other activities consistent with the overall mission of the Foundation.

Are donations to AEF tax deductible?

Yes! You can deduct cash donations to AEF at a rate of 30% of your adjusted gross income in most cases. Donations of stock can be deducted at a rate of 20% of adjusted gross income. Any contributions to the Foundation that exceed these percentages can be carried forward and used for the next five years on your tax return. We recommend you check with your accountant or tax adviser prior to making any decisions regarding donations for tax purposes.

How can I donate to AEF?

The easiest way to donate is online by completing our donation form and entering your credit card information on our secure form. We also accept donations by mail and phone. On the go? Just text “Donate” to 201-877-0333 and we’ll send you a quick link to a page where you can donate online. Standard data and text messaging rates will apply.

How is the Foundation funded?

Initial funds for the Allied Educational Foundation were contributed beginning in 1964 by the public, industry, labor and financial institutions, the aim and objective being to create an independent organization with the goal of not only educating working Americans, but to participate in the direction of change by applying the principles espoused by founder George Barasch. Since that time, the Foundation has relied on these funds in addition to the support of a small group of donors to grow and expand its education, health, and legal advocacy programs as well as support administrative expenses. As AEF has evolved, we are seeking a wider audience with whom to communicate and to enable the American Public to help fund and guide our initiatives in a way that better serves the individual of today’s world.