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AEF Loses Case Against Government Corruption

The Allied Educational Foundation suffered a setback in its battle against corruption by governmental officials when the Supreme Court threw out the corruption conviction of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. McDonnell was convicted of granting political favors to a Richmond businessman in exchange for golf outings, lavish vacations and $120,000 in loans. The conviction was upheld by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, but the Supreme Court agreed with former Governor McDonnell’s argument that the federal statutes penalizing bribery and extortion were unconstitutionally vague. The Allied Educational Foundation was joined by Judicial Watch in its brief.

Federal prosecutions for public corruption are at a 20 year low. It is important that we encourage Congress to pass better structured and written laws to prevent corruption in government. It is unfortunate that the politicians who we elect to serve the people end up serving themselves.

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