Since 1964, the Allied Educational Foundation has funded national programs to enhance American quality of life through education, legal advocacy, and the promotion of health information.

The Value of a Dollar - Where Your Support of the Foundation Goes
(based on 2015 spending)

Legal Actions 42%
Health & Welfare Conference 26%
Speaker's Bureau on Media Bias 17%
Civics Education 8%
Educational Health Newsletter 4%
Other Sponsored Programs 3%

100% of donations go toward charitable actions and causes that support the mission of the Foundation. Administrative expenses are supported by funds generously contributed by the Founder and include professional fees (legal, accounting and administration), trustees’ fees, payroll (including taxes and benefits), offices expenses, meeting expenses, and other support services.


The Allied Educational Foundation is an IRS Code 501(c)(3) charitable and educational foundation, governed by a Board of Trustees and an Executive Committee. The day-to-day business of the Allied Educational Foundation is conducted by the Administrator and Executive Committee of the Foundation. The Executive Committee consists of the Chairman, and two Trustees and the Administrator of the Fund. Currently, the Chairman also serves as Administrator. Executive Committee meetings are held monthly.

The Foundation engages Newman & Cohen, CPA, P.C. to conduct independent examinations of all the activities of the Allied Educational Foundation. Audits are made in accordance with general accepted standards, and accordingly, include such tests of the account records, and such auditing procedures as are considered necessary. All security and investment transactions are reviewed and appropriately checked. The Minutes of the Trustees’ meetings are checked against procedures established and expenditures made in the implementation of the various projects instituted each year. Income and expenditures are detailed in certified financial reports. To request past financial statements, an IRS Determination Letter, or other reports, please email in**@al******.org.