What is the relationship between AEF and its partners?

The Foundation prides itself on finding cost-effective methods of effectively impacting the American public in a way consistent with its mission. To make this a reality, the Foundation has aligned itself with a number of organizations where we find overlap in ways that help us meet our objectives. As a result, we do not have the high cost of many charities or foundations which create and manage programs with a large staff and high overhead expenses. Our system enables us to have the greatest impact per dollar because we don’t re-invent the wheel, preferring to leverage the resources that are already made available. It is important to remember that although we partner with these organizations on specific initiatives (such as filing a legal brief in a specific case), this should not imply that the Foundation agrees with the views expressed by our partners in other areas. Instead, these are limited strategic relationships that allow us to better fulfill the vision of the Founder and pursue our educational, wellness, and legal advocacy goals.