Who is George Barasch?

George Barasch was an American labor leader who organized over 11,000 union workers and 250 businesses. After spending 25 years fighting for the rights of workers to organize, Barasch saw the need for an independent organization that would continue to advance the rights of working Americans outside the labor arena. In particular, he believed that true progress could not occur unless individuals were (1) better educated on their rights and civic responsibilities as Americans, (2) had an ability to critically evaluate and obtain accurate information from the media, and (3) took ownership of their health to live longer, more active lives. Barasch also believed that in some cases legal action was necessary to protect American rights from unjust infringement. He founded the Allied Educational Foundation in 1964 to pursue this mission. For more information on Barasch’s history and life, you can read his biography on Wikipedia.