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Election Integrity

Allied Educational Foundation Wins Case in Support of Ohio Early Voting Rules

In the case of Ohio Democratic Party v. Husted, the Sixth Circuit Appeals Court upheld the position advocated by the Allied Educational Foundation and its partner, Judicial Watch, that a State has the right to control its early voting rules. Ohio had reduced its early voting period from 35 to 29 days which the Democratic Party had challenged as discriminatory against minorities. This is a ridiculous position since nearly a third of the States do not permit early voting and various studies indicate that early voting (as distinguished from absentee balloting) may increase voter fraud, confuse voters and has not been shown to increase voter turnout. The court held that the rules applied equally to all voting groups and there was no showing that the change in early voting caused a cognizable injury under the Constitution or the Voting rights Act. AEF supports a State’s right to control its own election rules free from federal intervention when there is no clear showing of harm or bias.

AEF is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the electoral process and preventing electoral rules from being influenced by political parties or private interest groups seeking to “game” the system for their own political advantage. We welcome your support in this mission.